How to install wall art in 4 easy steps

Posted on December 16, 2015

Once you’ve received your FotoFoam print it’s time to get it perfectly mounted on your wall! All FotoFoam pleximounts, wall-ready direct prints and framed prints come with a french cleat hanging system. The french cleat is a great way to ensure the artwork remains perfectly secure and level forever. We’ve put together a short guide for you to use when installing your artwork. If you have any questions along the way you can always call us at 1-844-FOTOFOAM (1-844-368-6362).

1) Use a level and measuring tape to find the perfect height of the piece. If necessary calculate measurements on some scrap paper first.


A proper level and measuring tape make all the difference!


Mapping out the wall measurements on scrap paper can be useful when installing multiple pieces.


Measure across the wall to find the center, then mark it with a pencil.


Measure up to the height you want to place your cleat. Standard height to the center of the artwork should be between 56″ and 60″.


Use a level to make sure the wood cleat sits perfectly level on the wall before drilling in the screws.

2) Get a drill and screws. If you have a concrete wall use concrete screws and if you have a plaster wall use drywall screws.


A standard power drill will do!


Screws like these work great for hanging artwork. For larger and heavier pieces we recommend putting anchors in the wall before installing.


Your screws can be placed between 6″ and 10″ apart on the wood cleat.

3) Use the drill to screw the cleat into the wall, while using the level to make sure it’s perfectly level. IMG_9685


4) Carefully place your artwork on the cleat.


Once your cleat is firmly installed and level, it’s time to place the artwork on it!


And of course, it never hurts to do a final level check to make sure everything was measured correctly!

Ready to get started on your FotoFoam prints? Let’s go!